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Visiting the Koh Yao Yai Elephant Rescue Station and Retirement Home sounds like an incredible experience, offering a unique opportunity to connect with these majestic animals in a meaningful and intimate way. Here’s a description of what you can expect during your visit:

Private Encounter: Unlike crowded tourist attractions, this facility provides a more personal experience with the elephants. Run by a local family and mahouts who care for the elephants, you’ll have the chance to interact with them closely, free from the hustle and bustle of large crowds.

Feeding Experience: One of the highlights is the opportunity to feed the elephants. Your entry ticket helps support the facility’s expenses, particularly the cost of providing the elephants with their daily food requirement of 200kg. It’s a rewarding experience to contribute to their well-being in this way.

Rubber Tree Garden Setting: The elephant rescue station is set within a beautiful rubber tree garden, offering a serene backdrop for your encounter with these gentle giants. As you walk through the plantation, you’ll have the chance to observe the elephants up close and learn about their daily routines from knowledgeable guides. The guide would explain the process of tapping rubber trees to extract latex, the milky fluid that serves as the primary raw material for rubber production. Tapping involves making shallow incisions in the bark of the tree to allow latex to flow out.

Mud Bathing: Elephants love mud, and you’ll get to join in on the fun by applying mud to their bodies and later cleaning them with a fresh water hose. It’s a playful and enjoyable activity that allows you to bond with the elephants in a natural setting.

Bathing Session: After the mud bath, it’s time for a refreshing bath in the pond. Bring your swimsuit and join the elephants for a bathing session, where you can help brush them and ensure they’re squeaky clean. Don’t forget to share some affection with the elephants, including giving them kisses for an extra memorable experience.

Memorable Photos: The team at the elephant rescue station will capture these special moments for you, providing you with lasting memories of your time spent with the elephants. From smiling photos with the elephants to candid shots of your interactions, you’ll have keepsakes to cherish for years to come.

Overall, a visit to the Koh Yao Yai Elephant Rescue Station and Retirement Home promises to be an unforgettable and enriching experience, allowing you to connect with nature and contribute to the well-being of these incredible animals.


  • Adults 10+ years old : 1,900 THB
  • Child 3-10 years old : 1,000 THB


  • Feeding the elephant
  • Mud bath
  • Bathing in the pond with elephant
  • Rubber tree cultivation explanation



  • Pick up & Drop off at your resort
  • Welcome drink - lavender tea
  • Special dress for this occasion
  • Food for elephants
  • Lunch - Pad Thai chicken
  • English speaking guide


2 hours

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from 1900 THB


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